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Youtube comment

The youtube comments are start to be more negative then positive . View Reddit by Key-Significance-551 – View Source

Took Beggy to the pool

Was so much positivity everywhere, needed scrubbed out! Had to bust out out the positivity wand. View Reddit by ChemicalEstate – View Source

If I was joe

I would have had Dave create a YouTube channel soon as I took off on youtube . That way we could created content together once a month he would be on my channel once a month I would be on his channel, That way you could see how it is when I’m in his world and...

Should Joe grow moobs?

I’m talking bitch tits. I know you’ll say he already has or has begun to but I mean double ds. Big honkin whoppers. Oops I said whoppers didn’t mean to make Rainey get all hot and bothered. But back to the topic: tits = ratings. And I’m not...

Signs your in the ATM army

Your credit score could also be the monthly payment on a couch You have taken to FB for legal advice When you don’t answer your cell people assume the carrier turned it off again Your wife/gf out weights you None of your clothes would be classified as fitting...