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The APS movie

Since my posts are getting as much interest as house flip videos (13k views, its a banger….. nah he gets alot of views on the 2nd day) figured I would spam this reddit before Joe has it shut down like the unofficial Fan page. Here is the premise, APS the movie,...

Today’s BegBo

Joe talks about the shit house, watches prison clips, talks some football, jersey b kissing ass trying to get attention in the chat, anything I missed ?? View Reddit by -AbellaDanger – View Source

Today’s video

Did not watch it, but will be about someone in Beggies family being shot and killed. Happened a number of weeks ago, Joe and Beggie have already mentioned it. Sad to see anyone lose their life needlessly, just wish I believed Joe actually cared, and didn’t need...

Real estate guide to help Joe

A actual friendly guide to help Joe If he will ever read this. Plus now the others can’t say we’re all “trolls” and “a hate group”. I’m going to give him millions of dollars worth of game for free. Although he probably won’t take it serious because he rather listen to...

Dont feel bad for rabbit

Rabbit is over 50 years old, he is a bum and he will probably be homeless fuck him and anyone who still wants to help him. I know some people who had zero chances that died before turning 18. View Reddit by taylorswift455 – View Source