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Humans are eaten by a trap to protect the lies of our ancestors at any cost. The question is why? The answer is not that hard to figure out? We have developed systems into which collections fit. They are the basis of the World Order and they represent power and control by governments religions, and financial institutions. To upset one is to topple the many and to do away with one will bring about the collapse of everything.

It is the latter that is throwing many countries into turmoil at this time. The election of people like Donald Trump, who has no training in any of the systems, is a case in point. The same scenario is now happening elsewhere as recently elected representatives promise change.

That means that there is a shaking of the base and things are beginning to fall. The economic system is in dire straits as debt piles onto debt and people struggle to pay off huge mortgages on homes and other items.

Although it all few want to know the truth and they will kill any messenger of it. That is how fear and their tribal instinct operates. If the World Order collapses they see an oncoming worsening situation than what they have now.

That is how it was meant to be. The status quo is like glue and few know how to escape it. They are in the prison of deceit and power and there is no way out unless they oppose the normal expectations.

Traditions, social values, religious teachings, and government stand ready to stop knowledge to the contrary from exposure. Only the brave and the spiritual, those connected to the real God, will venture out of the web and fly free to a better destination.

My reincarnation and knowledge of the Spirit of the Universe have been out there since 1996 and many are getting the message. They act on it in different ways and rumors of the deceit are percolating to the fore. Those who respond to it are finding their way to the Spirit and escaping the trap meant to catch those who believe in false gods and myths.

This is how the real God planned it. Like a spider's web, the unimportant is caught and held firm. The free-flying spiritual people are not held and they know who they are and these words mean something to them.

"And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity, and out of darkness." Isaiah 29:18

Source by Norma Holt