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Joe was on the Bobo talking about how he has influence in real estate now. Got me thinking if Joe can do it why can’t I?

My knowledge of the Virgina Real Estate market is non-existent, but Google exists so did a quick search.

The prices vary alot by location, but Joe is always talking down other areas, so going to pull the state average of approx $300000 for a home.

On his primary residency he has above hige sq ft, put alot of time and money into upgrades, has a large lot, and still only got 25% above average.

For the flip he lost money, destroyed relationships with local contractors, and the city, while getting a little over 1/3 average home value.

Ether Joe lives in an awful area, or put these homes up under market value. Why didn’t he wait for multiple offers, or relist at a higher price after getting offers sight unseen?

Ether he is dumber than everyone thinks, or needs his money out asap.

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